Mawlawiyah Restaurant

  • Unique & modern Restaurant in Dubai

    Inspired by the
    Ottoman Empire.

  • Harmony with nature

    Harmony with nature.

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    The heritage of the
    Palaces Kitchen

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  • The authenticity of the language of the present

    The authenticity of the language of the present.

Welcome to Mawlawiyah

Welcome to Mawlawiyah

was a well-established in the Ottoman Empire, the main idea behind the Ottoman Mawlawyiah is the creation of an artistic spiritual ambiance inspired by the heritage, and the provision of an audio-visual alternative to spiritual meditative ..

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Catering & Events

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Planning for a celebration at your home or company requiring many preparation and arrangements, Mawlawiyah Lounge knew how to manage it, deliver it with the standard of quality which your occasion deserves.

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