Mawlawiyah Restaurant

Our Story

the idea behind the MAWLAWIYAH Lounge is the creation of an artistic spiritual ambiance inspired by the heritage of the Palace’s kitchen to highlight the peculiarity of the Ottoman Empire (1299 to 1925) and its cultural identity, and the provision of an audio-visual alternative to spiritual meditative monologues that every authentic art seeks.
Much influence remains today of the Ottoman Empire and its classical music reflect that, the arts, architecture, music, and culinary expertise were the benefits of the Ottoman rule left behind during time.
The legacy of an Imperial Kitchen is inescapable.


This diverse cuisine was honed in the Imperial Palace's kitchens by chefs brought from certain parts of the Empire to create and experiment with different ingredients. Hundreds of cooks specializing in different types of dishes, all eager to please the royal plate, no doubt had their influence in perfecting the cuisine as we know it today. The Mawlawiyah’s kitchen which been inspired of the Palace’s Kitchen, supported by a complex social organization, a vibrant urban life, specialization of labor, trade, and total control of the special Spice, reflected the culmination of wealth and the flourishing of culture in the capital of a mighty Empire setting standards for a sophisticated and flavorful cuisine.